What is Scentsy

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Scentsy is an aromatic experience. Scentsy is fun for everyone. Scentsy is for candle lovers. Scentsy is for essential oil lovers. Scentsy is for kids. Scentsy is for men. Scentsy is for women.

Scentsy Is For Everyone

Scentsy brings a fragrant environment to every aspect of your home and personal life.  Warmers and wax were the start of Scentsy and used a different approach to bring pleasant scents.  Scentsy Warmers provide a lifetime warranty* and lower the worry of having an open flame around children, pets, and the elderly.

Each wax bar can provide countless hours of aroma in your home (8 cubes per Scentsy bar at 8-15 hours per cube depending on room size, ceiling height, temperature).  Scentsy provides a wide assortment of warmers to fit every personality.

Essential Oils

In 2015, Scentsy stepped into the world of Essential Oils providing beautiful diffusers that can operate up to 8 hours on low.  Scentsy diffusers also provide a lifetime warranty* to ensure you are never without your Scentsy diffuser.