The power of the internet

As i sit outside on my patio on this sunny Monday afternoon (Yes i can do that, because i work at home!!) I keep pondering ways to grow my business. No not grow, i want it to EXPLODE! I google the answers and there is so much information to read that its truly overwhelming. My goodness, my head is spinning round and round.

But I did happen to come across a facebook ad, that simply asked me if i wanted to make more money and waste less time prospecting. Heck yes, thats exactly what i’ve been searching for all day..Google…are you following me? Who am i kidding, i know you were.

This ad that i came across… i didn’t even click it. I did make a comment though, i said “i want more info!” And the person who wrote the ad sent me a personal message, with amazing details that included all the words i’ve been waiting to hear all morning. And then she followed up with ” Would you like to have a zoom meeting?”

Totally freaked out, i was going to refuse this zoom meeting…i don’t like people looking into my house from the computer camera…its not very clean…well its clean..but kids…

But then i remembered that I made a personal commitment, i was going to do one thing per day that scares me..

And so i agreed.

Boy was i scared…

But i logged in and had the best conversation i could have ever imagined having with this beautiful young lady who was exactly like me, trying to grow her networking business…sharing her secrets with me..for free.


Amazing stuff..

And so this blog post is inspired due to the power of the internet, and how it can be SUCH a blessing to have a scary conversation with someone you don’t know…but to have it open our eyes in such a way that i see now..nothing but big success in my near future.




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