How did I get here..

18198706_447084065638562_3377028287381339585_n.jpgThe beginning of my story is probably familiar to many of you a busy professional, struggling in an expensive city to get ahead – trying to balance the demands of work, family, and my relationship with my dear husband. Feeling too often unfulfilled. Loving and wanting to spend more time with our 2 little ones, but always feeling conflicted with the demands of jobs that were far more necessities than passions. Wondering if this was all life was, wondering whether it could get better and how. Knowing that having to work more to increase the material standard of our life would come at a cost – less time with our family, and less time doing the things that bring us happiness.
Now life are very different. I am fulfilled and running an exciting business from home. I  have more time to spend with our family, all without having to change our material standard of life, and here is how it began….

In the summer of 2016 my Scentsy warmer bulb died, I tracked down a consultant nearby and loved that she stayed home with her daughter everyday doing something she loved . I was curious about the opportunity of getting involved with a direct sales company.   I have always loved scented candles….and had an issue with remembering to blow them out. The idea of Scentsy, fragrance filled houses with no danger, was a no-brainer.

My goals at the beginning were simply to sell enough so I could always buy the products and take advantage of host rewards, and maybe pay a bill . That was it.  I did not understand what the “other” side of the business was until I spoke to my superstar Director, and her beautiful story of how she climbed the ladder to a steady $20 000 a month income.

I love being able to work from home, my dress code was simple: it usually consisted of comfy pj’s and a hoodie. I work whenever I want, and placed orders after the kids were in bed. As a family business, my kids helped sticker and pack the orders. When “work” took me out of the home, it was usually an evening or weekend where I met new friends, ate sweet treats, and smelled even sweeter smells; and the best part was getting paid the entire time!

The product sold itself. I rarely had a guest at a party that didn’t order. I’d show up, plug them in, and Scentsy’s fragrance and chic warmers would do 90% of my job.

Scentsy goes above and beyond the call of a company in the way it motivates and incentivizes us. Creating terrific trips to look forward to and establishing pride in the product and our role as Consultants is treated with respect

If you are looking for new career and the ability to balance your home, new friends, and the warmth of a scented home, call or email me; I’d love to share even more.

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