Scentsy Transition month!

Ahh so exciting! February is transition month for Scentsy consultants. This is such an thrilling time because we have one month to gather our stuff and get ready for the new catalog launch in March.

2-17-Social-Banner-Enjoy-The-Little-Things-851x315px-R1.jpgWhat does that mean you ask? We make sample packets for new customers, send out catalogs with treats and fun mail to our current customers and gather our testers for those super fun borrow bakets! Not only is it so much fun to make samples, but to hear how happy it makes customers feel is the cherry on top of the great feeling I personally get when i share my Scentsy experience with others.

What’s a borrow basket you ask? Its literally a basket or a bag of current Scentsy wax scents that you borrow, make your wishlist and give back when you’re all done.
OR share it with your friends and get some Scentsy for free, yep, its like hosting a party without having a party. Whoa! Thats MY type of party.

Moral of the story, I’m excited for March 1st and if you are too, send me a message and request your new catalog!

-Elizabeth Nunes
Independent Scentsy Consultant
browse, order, host, or join Scentsy:
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